Day 1 in Bangkok has been great. It is amazingly easy to get around. Would have never thought you could come here and get by on your own with out a tour but you totally could. People were stopping us on the streets and writing down list of all the places to see and then hopped us right in to a TukTuk to drive us around for the day. 20THB for taking us to five different places and waiting for us at each one which is like less than $1. Although they did have to take us to a few tailor shops which I think is how they make their money because the shops pay them to take tourists there.
We even wandered into some type of event or ceremony with all these monks everywhere and someone speaking Thai over load speakers. It could have something to do with it being the Queen’s birthday today, not quite sure though.

Nightlife so far is interesting. We wandered the streets last night for a bit and came across a huge street party. There was literally just an old lady selling beers and a dude with a speaker playing music and people are all just dancing in the street. An active street mind you. Cars driving through the dance floor! Good times for sure. We will see what is going on tonight after we meet the rest of the group.


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