Wat, Wat and more Wat









Today was our fist day with the group , they are all very nice but older crowd than I expected. We did a longtail boat ride and toured Wat Pho with the giant reclined Buddah. It was very pretty but ridiculously hot! After we roamed the streets a bit and found a cool little market and i got some spicy sauces to bring home. They even gave us free dessert for some reason, which was cold sweet soy milk with green noodles in it. It was actually pretty good but I just had a taste since there was ice in it and was worried about the water. After we took the ferry across the river to another Wat, I don”t remember the name of it. Theres so many Wats!! Anyway there we found these ladies who dress you up to take the photos with the Thai garb on which was awesome!

We leave Bangkok tonight, we are taking the overnight train to Khao Sak National Park. A little sad to leave Bangkok but I think we got a lot in for a short time. Heres to hoping the next spot is just as much fun!!


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