Overnight Train and Khaosak

The overnight train was a lot of fun. Spent the night in the dinner car drinking beers and getting to know my trip mates. We did have a bit of drama with the bill. These Austrian dudes we were sitting with apparently didn’t pay for all their beers and they wanted us to pay 1200 THB. We paid for ours but they were still arguing with the other dudes in the morning. As it turns out they were in our sleeper car and they are also at the same hotel as us now! Once we arrived at our train station we had breakfast and were a met a cute pit bull puppy. Then we took a two hour drive to the hotel and Khaosok national park in the back of a pick up truck. The guesthouse is in the jungle and we have little hunts with screened windows. Quite cute! Then yesterday afternoon we bathed an elephant! It was fun we got to get so close to him. He was a 40 year old male names Sonmoon, (I have no idea how to spell that). Pictures to come of that, I was not able to get wifi yesterday evening. Today we are going to the national park to check out some caves and swim in the lake.









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