Melaka, Malay, Malaysia

We arrived in Malaysia about four day ago after a pretty long travel day crossing the border. It was a bout 12 hour journey which seemed worse since we were extremely hungover from our last night in Thailand. Had an amazing day out on our private longtail boat made some new friends who joined our boat and we met them later for drinks at the Chang Bar behind Burger King. Our boat driver suggested this are and it was tons on fun.

We arrived in Penang and we were there for two days. We had some Chinese street food and indian food in little india. Little india was the coolest spot there. I imagine it is much like india and I would love to go there. However I’m not that crazy about indian food but I guess I just don’t know very much about it. Our hotel there was quite dirty but free breakfast and they had a pool.





Another 5 hour drive on a super awesome bus we arrived in Kuala Lumpur. It was clean, good A/C, and super comfy seats. It was quite comfortable. Once we arrived we checked in to our hotel quite clean, It had weird plugs though the we had to rig to fit out adaptors and the hot water only lasted about 1 minute. The coolest thing we say in KL was for sure the National Mosque. We even had to put on robes to cover ourselves. Our guide there was so nice and he spoke to us about several very interesting and unexpected aspects of Islam. I wish we would have had more time there. I would have also liked to see the mosque when 15,000 people come to pray on Fridays. We also got to go out on wednesday night, which is apparently ladies night in the whole city, free margaritas for all! It was good fun.








This afternoon we arrived in Melaka after a two hour bus ride. It is a really neat little place, by far my favorite city in Malaysia that we have visited on this trip. The city occupied at one time or another by the Portuguese, Dutch and British so a lot of history and mixing of cultures. On one single street in the center of town there is a Tao Temple, a Buddhist temple, a Catholic Church, a Hindu temple and a mosque.

We have a free day tomorrow and following that we arrive in Singapore. I defiantly prefer Thailand to Malaysia. It was prettier, the people were friendly and it was dirt cheap. Malaysia is much more expensive. Everything costs the same or more than it does at home. I’m also assuming that Singapore will be the same. Singapore will be the last day of the tour. It has been so great I am so happy with intrepid and I would definitely travel with intrepid again. Our leader, Anik, has been amazing! He is so nice and very helpful. He really does his best to make sure everyone of his travelers get the experience they are looking for from their trip. I think it has also been great that tour is pretty flexible.

My original plan was to go on form Singapore to another intrepid trip Jakarta to Ubud. However I have decided to ditch the trip and go it alone over there for two weeks. Samantha and I booked flights today to go to Lombok and we will travel at our leisure from there to the Gilli Islands and then to Bali. I was not able to switch my tour but and its not that I don’t want to do the tour because like I said I think intrepid has been great but I want to push my limits a bit more and figure things out on my own rather than rely on the tour. I am so excited for it and it weird to be excited about a vacation while your on vacation!


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