Slow Boat to China

So I haven posted for a while but only because this trip continues to be amazing! We spent a few nights in Lombok in Kuta and Sengigi. Kuta was a pretty small little town not much going on so we only stayed one night. But in Kuta we did enjoy chatting with the locals and getting tips for our next destinations from fellow travelers, relaxing on the beach and only paying 17$ for room. It’s hilarious that every time someone finds out we are Americans they all say, ooh Obama he is my uncle! It’s so funny. The gas stations here are also hilarious they are little huts with reused plastic bottles filled with gas lol.

After Kuta we decided to go surfing for the day at Selong Blanik. Which was awesome, amazingly my first time ever surfing and I did pretty awesome. Our teacher Yogi was pretty awesome too. He fell in love with me, he told me I came to him in his dream. It was cute but I said I think the distance might be a problem lol. After surfing we headed to Sengigi which was a little bit more of a town than Kuta we went out for drinks and met some locals to show us around to all the good bars. It was fun but also a late night and we had booked an 8am slow boat to Gili Trawangan, which had been recommended to us by and Austrailian couple we met in Kuta. It was kind of a rough morning. Especially considering it was quite the journey. An hour bus ride then horse drawn carriage to the beach and hop on a boat for another 20 min ride to the island where they dump you out on the beach. Next we search search for a room, we start following this guy who says he has a room for 95000 a night, but its crap so we stumble upon this guest house in an alley way called Karisma. Bast place we could have possibly found. Hon, the hotel guy was awesome and we ended up with an air con room for 200000 a night, although our air con didn’t work. There were 5 rooms total and we had amazing neighbors! There was a group of Brit lads, a group of Aussie guys, a Frenchmen named Kevin who had been on the island for three months and was our personal Gili T information source, another group on Aussies who we went scuba diving with and another British guy that we met at the pool. It was our little Gilli T family!

Gili T was by far one of my favorite places. It’s just this little tiny island with beautiful beaches and no motorized vehicles only bicycles and horse drawn carriage and loads of stuff to do like scuba and snorkeling and tons of partying. Everyone on the whole damn island was young, single and hot! Needless to say we had an amazing time and met so many cool people. We weren’t sure how long we were going to stay there but ended up staying four days. Sadly we had to leave Gili T for Bali so we would be near the airport for our departures. It was another long travel day. We did scuba in the am and then booked a 3 PM fast boat to Bali and a bus to Jambarin which was about a 7 hour process total. Our driver was awesome though, he let us stop to buy some Bintangs and drove us around until we found a place to stay. It was one of the nicest places we’ve stayed so far. Air con, fridge and they even gave us soap and towels. They also had a gorgeous 24 hour pool which we utilized.

The next day we hopped in a taxi headed for Kuta. Arrived and booked a room. We spent the day lounging at the beach and got mani pedis from these little ladies. You basically can’t say no to them because they won’t leave you alone until you buy something. They must be making loads of money. We sat down at a “bar” for a drink (which was a dude with a cooler and some chairs selling beers and water) and next thing you know your buying a bracelet for everyone you know, getting a massage, a henna tattoo, and a mani pedi all at the same time lol. Then spent my last night with Samantha 😦 she was the best part of the trip! It would never have been the same with out her here! So sad to say goodbye she left for her flight around 1 and I will be heading to the airport at around 7 for my flight to Sydney. I still haven’t decided what will be next from there but I will work it out once I get there. I am a bit worried about customs there though because they are strict on anything organic entering the country so I may lose my spices and wood carving. I tried to post it today but since it is Sunday the post is closed. I should have done it yesterday but I didn’t even realize what day it was.

I am so glad that I decided to ditch my second tour and go it alone it has been awesome! Best choice I could have made. It has also been super easy to travel here the locals and fellow travelers alike are very helpful and honest and everybody speaks English.

So on to the next adventure we will see where this takes me…..


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