What is Your Favorite Travel movie?

The big day is getting closer and closer! So to tame my impatient spirit I will be watching all of my favorite travel movies and TV Shows.

One of my all time favorites for Thailand is of course, Brokedown Palace. Although it is not really happy go lucky or an experience I would want to have in Thailand, I still love it.


The movie that has almost the same theme as my upcoming trip is Eat, Pray, Love. I know it is throughly overplayed and pop culture to the max, but it gets me every time. For three reasons; I love Italy, I’m dying to plan a trip to India and last Bali will be included on my next trip. OK, four reasons in the end she does kind of figure out what she wants.


I suppose I have to include The Beach in this list since I am going to Thailand, but I wouldn’t call it one of my favorites. Maybe I just need to watch it again to be sure.


An oldie but a goodie, Under The Tuscan Sun. Every time I watch it I want to sell everything and move to Italy.


One movie that I think is a great travel story is, Bunny and The Bull. Its strange by most standards, but from the creators of one of my favorite British television shows, The Mighty Boosh. Visually it is extremely creative and the story is good too.


This movie is an indie and different from other movies on the list because involves business travel. However I love this movie and every time I get in the mood to book a trip to India I put on Outsourced.


On my not so favorites list would most definitely be, The Impossible. I decided to watch this movie right after I booked my trip, bad idea. It was terrifying. I have to say that, yes it is a good movie but also horrifying. Sure, I have a travelers insurance policy, but American Express has got nothin’ on that. Here’s to hoping for no Tsunamis or other devastating natural disasters!


I love to eat and I also like to consider myself an adventurous eater. So needless to say another favorite is Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He travels to some of the coolest and most remote places in the world and really gets to the true local cuisine. I have to say I probably wouldn’t try all of the things he does but always a good watch. Its also great because there are several episodes in almost all of the countries I will be visiting on this trip.


Another favorite of mine in the TV category if for sure is Locked Up Abroad. Again, not happy go lucky but always sucks me in for more. I can’t get enough.


What are your favorite travel movies and TV shows? Anyone have some gems I am missing out on?