Easy Like a Bannna….

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days but the WiFi has been a bit spotty in our last few stops. There is so much to catch up on the elephants, Kaho Sak, the home stay and the Phi Phi Islands (pronounced Pee Pee). On top of that tons of different and exotic fruits and tasty treats like fried chiken’s feet from the street side market next to 7Eleven. Quite tasty. We are now in the province of Krabi and we have private charter longtail for the day tomorrow to go to beaches and all but apparently fishing is not on the itinerary unless we want to pay a lot more and have no say in what we are doing. I have soo many great pictures that I am trying to post but it does not seem to be working.

So let me fill you in. The next day after the elephant encounter we went to the lake at Khao Sok national park. It is a man made lake that feed



20130817-075826.jpgs a hydro electric dam. It was incredible with the aqua blue water and the dramatic limestone cliffs. We drove around the lake in a longtail boat with our awesome local guide, Bandit. After a scenic drive along around the lake we got off to hink through the jungle to a cave. It was quite hot and humid especially wearing a life jacket. We did see some cool stuff like taranchala holes! It was also really muddy and I totally slipped and fell on my ass and got mud all over me. When we arrived on the other side we hopped on a bamboo raft and motored over the cave. It was the coolest raft ever! After the cave we headed over to a floating resort for lunch and a swim which was much needed after the sweaty trek in the jungle. The water was amazing and we had a blast jumping off this huge log in the water.

The next morning we went tubing down the river by our resort. It is a pretty fast moving river with some rapids. It was pretty cool and it was hilarious no safty features at all. They asked us if we could swim before we left the river bed and that was about it lol!! After that we packed up and drove about two and a half hours to Thao Nathai where we did a home stay. Our host his wife and their two sons were very nice and showed us a lot of neat stuff in the village. They were muslim so we had to keep out shoulders arms and legs covered. The houses were very cute. There was even one that was for rent, only THB 8,000 per month! The village is only about 10 minutes from the beach and that is only like 265 USD per month! I so want to move there!!

The houses are all raised apparently because of the heat and they like the aesthetic. Most have no windows and no furniture. We saw several different fruit farms as well as a fighting bull (apparently bull fighting is big in southern Thailand for gambling). We also got to see how you tap a rubber tree plant! After we got back to the house we had a cooking demonstration. They made three different wok fried dishes. As well as Tom Yum soup. It was all delicious! In the morning we had breakfast and they brought us Thai doughnuts that had a green coconut dipping sauce, OMG they were so friggin good I must have had five of them.

After a ten minute drive we arrived in Ao Nang where our beach hotel is located. From here we hopped on a bus down to the beach and boarded our speed boat that took us around sightseeing snorkeling and beach going for the day. Nikki was our island guide and he was super cool. We even went to the beach from “The Beach.” We were a bit rushed at times since we were seeing so much in one day but it was awesome anyway. We went to Phi Phi Le and Phi Phi Dong. Monkey Beach and Bamboo Island. Today I think we will go to some closer islands to hang out on the beach.

Today is our last day in Thailand 😦 I am so not ready to leave. It has been so amazing! Tomorrow we have a 10 hour drive to our first stop in Malaysia, Penang and Georgetown. The currency exchange is not as good there so not looking forward the that either.

I haven’t been able to upload all the photos here but I will try again later to add more.